Get your fit on

With our online instructions

Online fitting

  • Start out by measuring your existing putter: If you have multiple, use whichever you're playing with now, or had the most success with in the past.
  • Measure from the center of the sole, up the shaft to the butt of the grip.
  • Record that Length in inches.
  • If you know clubs Loft/Lie please include them as well.
  • Find a flat surface to putt on, outside works, inside is preferred.
  • Two videos are required : one angle face on, the other angle down the line.
  • Have the phone/camera set up about 2 to 3 feet off the ground either on a stand, or person holding.
  • Grab a golf ball, putter & align yourself to a target (real or imaginary) 10 feet in front of you.
  • Record a single hit to said target from both angles.
  • Once completed, send us the videos !