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I have a confession to make. You read that right…a confession. I run an IG Page called @heelshaftedbladeputters. You know, 8802/Napa style blades- the super clean, pure feeling, sexy flatsticks that have more major championships than any other style? Yeah, those. Although I’m convinced that the aforementioned style belongs/will someday be in my precious “vintage custom IG boutique” bag (pictured on my board, which I’ve been meticulously putting together for over a year- with the full intent of finishing it off with a heel shafted blade) I can’t seem to get one in. Why? It’s certainly not due to lack of amazing options. It’s simply because of this ARGOLF ARTHUR is just too darn good.

LOOKS: Everyone has their own eye for putters. I’m a true believer in the theory that, if you don’t like the look, you won’t putt well. I think My Golf Spy may have deemed this theory incorrect once, but I still believe it. To my eye, the advantage is the clean sharp lines. Most similar models have rounded edges, which are easy on the eye, but lack the alignment benefits I get from the clean look. Not to mention, this putter sets up nice and square at address. Other sticks look quite closed to my eye…see Odyssey Golf. My affection for the toe shape of this putter has already been well documented, and the unique silver matte finish adds some subtle class.

FEEL/SOUND: I’m not quite sure how to explain the feel of this putter other than to say it feels precisely-made, clean, & solid. It’s a perfect blend of crisp and soft- maybe better described as a marriage between Scotty Cameron and Ping Tour. The head weight (370g) provides incredible consistency. How? I never feel the need to “hit”, even on long putts. Just trust the stroke and fire away. For some, this could be a turn off- it takes a while to get used to. However, once you do…you’ll find more of your putts getting to the hole, rather than stopping one revolution short.

Bottom line, this thing performs! So much so, that multiple PGA Champion Tour players have bagged it in pursuit of trophies. Tells you something. Cheers! Until next time…roll em well!

Review by @wingtipgolf 

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