Broomstick Putters: Why are they so special?

Broomstick Putters: Why are they so special?

On the contrary to what some may think, broomstick putters (or long putters) are perfectly legal on the greens. However, what is now illegal on the greens is anchoring; and broomsticks putters are the best alternative.

For those of you who may have just woken up, anchoring a club when making a stroke became prohibited on the 1st of January 2016 (rule 14-1b). In the new golf rules, the R&A and USGA clarified exactly what is and what isn’t allowed. Basically: “the club can’t be held against the stomach and neither can a forearm nor gripping hand be held against the chest.”


A broomstick putter (or long putter) is a putter which has an extra-long shaft. It’s called a “broomstick” putter because of the sweeping stroke used. The shaft used on putters like these is usually around 50 inches long. ARGOLF offers two different broomstick putters, one PENDRAGON XL as a center shaft and the other PENDRAGON XL as a heel shaft.

This type of putter entered the golf market as an alternative to the anchoring rule. It started to gain popularity among golfers who used to anchor their putts and those with back problems (posture is improved using a long putter). Nonetheless, broomstick putters also caught the eyes of younger players. They started using them more frequently due to the common belief that they improve short putting.


Rumor has it that broomstick putters might actually be the best way to improve your consistency on the greens. When it comes to putting, there are five major points you need to look at:

  1. The movement of the club off the ground surface (up and down motion)
  2. A player’s wrists during the stroke
  3. The rotation of the putter on its longitudinal axis
  4. The distance between the putter and the body of the player
  5. The forward and back swings

When one of these degrees of freedom is compromised it affects the whole putting of the player. Which is why having a broomstick putter (or long putter) can help eliminate the up and down movement, as well as the wrist movement, leaving the golfer to rely only on their body (skeletal structure). By eliminating these movements, a golfer is able to diminish the number of errors encountered during the stroke and become more consistent.

Therefore, having a broomstick putter (or long putter) can be much more efficient on the greens. However, keep in mind that not all putters can be set up as a long putter. The putter head you choose to create a broomstick putter needs to be a heavy one. So what better choice do you have than a mallet putter with one of the best MOIs on the market today?


As mentioned before, ARGOLF has two types of broomstick putters. The choice is up to you whether you are more comfortable playing with a center or heel shafted putter. You can read about the difference between the two in the article “How does a center shaft compare to a heel shaft putter?

The PENDRAGON XL putter is specially weighted and designed for long / broomstick putters or those that desire a very heavy arm lock putter. In this case, let’s take a look at ARGOLF’s broomstick putters.

Both PENDRAGON XL broomstick putters are mallet putters, milled from 7175 Aircraft Aluminum, that boasts the heaviest weight in the Broceliande Collection (500g head weight). They are made for the golfer who struggles on the green looking for greater stability and balance. Their deep center of gravity provides for an exceptionally high MOI to produce more accurate putts.


ARGOLF offers the possibility of talking on the phone with PGA Pro. During this call you will discuss with the pro what putter is better suited for your needs. All you have to do is fill out the form on this page and a PGA Pro will contact you as soon as possible.

See you on the greens!

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