A Look at the Top Master's Contenders and Their Signature Putters

A Look at the Top Master's Contenders and Their Signature Putters

A Look at the Top Master's Contenders and Their Signature Putters


The Master's Tournament is underway; golf enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing the skills of the top contenders on the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club's greens. It's a holiday in the golf community! These elite players' choice of putters often reflects their strategies and preferences. Let's look at what's in the putting arsenals of the leading contenders and explore how their preferences align with the offerings of ARGOLF putters.


Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler's journey to the top ranks of professional golf has seen him continuously evolve his game. Recently, he made a notable switch from his six-time blade putter to a mallet. This transition speaks volumes about his desire for consistency and forgiveness on the greens. If you're inspired by Scheffler's dedication to refining his putting stroke, consider these top-performing mallet putters from ARGOLF.


Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy, a perennial favorite on the golf course, has embarked on a new chapter in his putting game by adopting a mallet putter. This shift underscores his commitment to exploring new techniques and equipment to optimize performance. For players seeking a similar blend of innovation and performance, the ARGOLF line of mallet putters presents an opportunity to embrace change and unlock new levels of consistency on the greens.


Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm's formidable game is built on a foundation of power and precision, making his choice of a mallet putter a natural fit. The stability and alignment a mallet design offers complement Rahm's aggressive putting style, allowing him to attack the greens confidently. If you aspire to emulate Rahm's powerful putting prowess, explore the ARGOLF Pendragon Mallet putter, engineered to deliver the performance needed to conquer any green.


Xander Schauffele

Xander Schauffele's rise to prominence in professional golf is thanks to his unwavering consistency in all facets of the game, including putting. While he has yet to take home a win, he's a fan favorite, and the 88th Masters Tournament may be his chance for a major win. His choice of a mallet putter reflects his quest for stability and predictability on the greens. For players seeking a putter that mirrors Schauffele's commitment to stability, the ARGOLF Mordred Mallet putter offers a compelling option designed to inspire confidence and deliver results round after round.


Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth's putting prowess is legendary, and his trusty blade putter is a cornerstone of his success on the greens. His preference for a blade reflects his reliance on touch, feel, and precision when navigating Augusta National's undulating surfaces. For players who admire Spieth's finesse, the ARGOLF's line of blade putters offers a classic design with modern performance enhancements to help you putt with the confidence of a pro.

Find Your Perfect Blade Putter.


The top contenders vying for the coveted green jacket at the Masters Tournament each bring their unique style and preferences to the putting green. Whether it's a blade's precision or a mallet's stability, finding the right putter is essential for unlocking your true potential on the greens. Explore the range of ARGOLF putters crafted with precision and performance in mind, and discover the perfect companion to elevate your putting game to new heights.


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