Introducing the most performant member of the ARGOLF putter legacy

Introducing the most performant member of the ARGOLF putter legacy

ARGOLF’s passion is to create the most performant golf equipment not only unique on the market but also exciting for the player. The player asked and ARGOLF delivered.


Introducing one of the most performant putters on the market today. The ARGOLF putter legacy continues – the MORDRED mallet putter.

Argolf Mordred Putter

The inspiration for the MORDRED putter is a hybrid of childhood fascination and a historical legend – Mordred from the legend of King Arthur.

As a child, ARGOLF’s Founder Olivier Colas was always mesmerized by the sleek design and outstanding performance of Formula 1 race cars. The aerodynamics involved in these machines was even more fascinating to him considering his family owns Armor Meca. The company specializes in the manufacturing of parts used by the world’s leading companies in the aerospace, defense, submarine, and medical industries including the European Space Agency, Airbus, and Safran. During the conception of MORDRED, the name was taken from the legend and the esthetics from Formula 1 race cars.

Learn more about MORDRED by clicking here and find out if it’s the right putter for your stroke by entering your email below.

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