The new deep cavity back, super game improver irons by ARGOLF

The new deep cavity back, super game improver irons by ARGOLF

It’s official! There’s a new set of clubs you need to get your hands on.

ARGOLF just launched the most innovative deep cavity, super game improver irons, the AR-F35. Simply put, cast irons made from 431SC Stainless Steel, face milled with CNC.

What makes the AR-F35s special?

The advantage of having a double undercut cavity back is that your forgiveness, playability and flexibility are drastically improved. This increased performance leads to explosivity on every shot!

The AR-F35 double cavity back irons are engineered by ARGOLF for improved speed and consistency. Given they have a lightweight performance, they are ideal for moderate swing speed golfers looking for reliability on every swing.

Off-centered strikes are a thing of the past. During the conception process of the AR-F35 set, ARGOLF was able to maximize weight distribution for a higher moment of inertia and therefore, greater forgiveness. You can learn more about how the moment of inertia affects forgiveness by reading this article. Thanks to this weight distribution on the new AR-F35s, you will be able to hit the ball straighter on every golf course.

The AR-F35 series benefits beginners, amateurs and professionals. The larger sweet spot will definitely boost your confidence throughout the course. The fact that they are considered super game improver clubs does not remove the feel and look of a pure iron.

Where to get your set?

The new AR-F35 series is available right here on ARGOLF’s website. All you have to do is click the link below.


Are the AR-F35 right for me?

When in doubt, simply reach out to the pros. Or better yet, let the pros get in touch with you. ARGOLF works with PGA Certified Pros to help you make the right decision for your game. Leave your contact information in the form below and one of our pros will get back to you.

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