Millennials Seek Golf Equipment Based on Performance

Millennials Seek Golf Equipment Based on Performance

Golf is a game of traditions – both on and off the course. But the millennial generation is anything but traditional. Generally considered to be someone born between 1982 and 2000, most millennials today are between the ages of 18 and 35. This generation has had an incredible impact on industries across the globe, and golf has certainly not been immune from these effects. Millennial golfers have proven that they are much different than what the game has seen before, and golf equipment companies need to be prepared for them.

As the millennial generation has now slightly surpassed the number of Baby Boomers in the United States, they are also setting a similar pace in the golf industry. The National Golf Foundation reported that 36% of golfers in the United States fall into the 18-39 age range while more than 15 million additional millennials expressed interest in taking up the game of golf. At this rate, millennials will soon grow larger than all other age demographics as the largest market share in golf.

The success and celebrity profiles of young millennial professionals on Tour such as Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose and Bryson DeChambeau have surely helped to spark interest in the game for their age group. Social media is a major contributor to the growing popularity of the sport with this digital generation. Endless amount of content is available in an instant at their fingertips. Popular websites and blogs constantly feature golf bloopers and other humorous approaches to the sport that appeal to the younger crowd. Venues like TopGolf have combined golf and entertainment that has opened the game to a demographic that may have not otherwise had the experience.

Although millennials may not play as many 18-hole rounds as golfers in older generations, they do want to maximize their time on the course with the best equipment. Their time on the course may be limited, but they are more concerned with the quality of the time and how well they play.

Since the majority of the millennial crowd is new to the sport, they do not have the affinity to many of the dominant golf equipment brands. Major golf brands have decades of brand value and recognition that the new generation doesn’t seem to be interested in. Their only concern is what golf equipment is going to provide the best performance. And just as millennials like to identify with and promote their uniqueness, so should their golf equipment.

ARGOLF perfectly serves the millennial golfer with high-performing putters that can be personally customized with both technical and aesthetic features. The history and tradition behind ARGOLF also appeal to the childhood legends they have known through the years such as the LANCELOT, MERLIN and ARTHUR models.

To serve the technical-minded millennials, ARGOLF offers custom fitting experiences at its Putting Lab in Jupiter, Florida and also at cooperating partners across the country. ARGOLF putters can be adjusted to a player’s putting stroke using the most advanced Putting Analysis Software by Quintic. Different specs of the club including the loft, life and length can be adjusted to best suit the golfer based on the data collected from the Quintic system.

The millennial golfer appreciates the ability that ARGOLF provides to express his or her individuality through their golf club. From a custom putter grip to specific color club heads, paint design, etching and stamping, there are no limits to the uniqueness of an ARGOLF putter.

ARGOLF putters are designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and most advanced technology that are also used in high-precision industries like aeronautics. Recently recognized on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List, the ARGOLF brand has been steadily growing popularity with golfers of all ages, especially millennials.

With all that said, you certainly do not have to be a millennial to enjoy the legendary feel of an ARGOLF putter. Visit our website or Putting Lab and start designing your new putter that is unlike any other.

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