Perfect Your Putting: 5 Common Mistakes and Expert Fixes from ARGOLF

Perfect Your Putting: 5 Common Mistakes and Expert Fixes from ARGOLF


Putting is often considered the make-or-break aspect of golf. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend golfer, mastering the art of putting can significantly improve your game. At ARGOLF, we understand the importance of precision and accuracy, which is why our putters are meticulously milled from aeronautical grade stainless steel or aluminum. 


Let's explore five common putting mistakes and provide expert tips on fixing them.


Mistake One: Poor Alignment

Solution: Utilize ARGOLF's Precision Engineering

One of the most common mistakes in putting is misalignment. Poor alignment can result in missed putts and inconsistent performance. With ARGOLF's putters, precision is paramount. Our putters are meticulously crafted from aeronautical grade stainless steel or aluminum, ensuring perfect alignment every time. Take advantage of the precision engineering in ARGOLF putters to align your shots effortlessly.


Mistake Two: Incorrect Posture and Setup

Solution: Optimize Your Stance with ARGOLF's Custom Fit

Many golfers overlook the importance of posture and setup when putting. Incorrect stance and posture can lead to inconsistency and missed putts. ARGOLF offers custom-fit putters designed to optimize your stance and setup. With a personalized fitting consultation from ARGOLF, you can ensure that your putter perfectly suits your posture, allowing for a more consistent and effective putting stroke. 


Mistake Three: Inconsistent Tempo

Solution: Find Your Rhythm with ARGOLF's Balanced Design

Maintaining a consistent tempo is crucial for successful putting. However, many golfers struggle to find the right rhythm. ARGOLF putters are designed with a balanced and harmonious feel, allowing you to find your tempo effortlessly. The precise milling of aeronautical grade stainless steel or aluminum in ARGOLF putters ensures consistent performance stroke after stroke.


Mistake Four: Poor Contact

Solution: Build Confidence with ARGOLF's Superior Feel

Poor contact can cause hesitation and lead to missed opportunities on the green. ARGOLF putters are renowned for their superior feel and feedback, instilling confidence in every putt. We say "Feel The Difference" for a reason. The exceptional quality of single-block, aeronautical-grade materials used in ARGOLF putter heads provides unmatched responsiveness, allowing you to putt with conviction and precision.


Mistake: Ignoring Green Reading

Solution: Enhance Your Skills with ARGOLF's Precision Putters

Ignoring subtle breaks and contours on the green can result in missed putts. ARGOLF putters are finished with custom sightlines to enhance your green reading skills, allowing you to read putts precisely and accurately. The exceptional craftsmanship and details of ARGOLF putters ensure that every subtle movement of the ball is accounted for, giving you the edge on the green.


Mastering the art of putting requires dedication, practice, and the right equipment. With ARGOLF's meticulously milled putters crafted from aeronautical grade stainless steel or aluminum, you can take your putting game to the next level. By addressing common putting mistakes and utilizing the precision engineering of ARGOLF putters, you can enhance your performance on the green and sink more putts with confidence.

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