How Does Moi Affect A Putter’s Forgiveness?

How Does Moi Affect A Putter’s Forgiveness?

Professional golfers are keenly aware of the impact high Moment of Inertia makes on their performance, but what if you are a beginner looking to optimize your putting through MOI? Chances are that Moment of Inertia and other technicalities may not be in your vocabulary yet. Here’s where ARGOLF comes in to explain why a great golfer needs a great Moment of Inertia, whether it be on their driver, irons, or putter.


It all starts with physics. A Moment of Inertia is “the opposition that the body exhibits to having its speed of rotation about an axis altered by the application of a torque”, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. In golf, this Moment of Inertia (MOI) is measured horizontally and vertically, taking into account, both the shaft and head of the golf club. In this case, let’s focus on the putters of ARGOLF’s Broceliande Collection.

Essentially the Moment of Inertia is how forgiving a club can be to the player’s swing. Let’s dive deeper into the way a brand like ARGOLF can change the MOI of its clubs to give better results on the greens. Let’s ignore all the specifics like green speed and such for now and focus on just the Moment of Inertia. Resisting rotation on a given axis can be challenging while swinging your club, especially when you’re on that green so close to the hole. Let’s face it, we’ve all been in the situation where we miss-hit and the ball goes in the opposite direction of where we wanted it to go.

To help overcome this, ARGOLF has put a lot of effort into the creation of one of the highest MOIs on the market. With a higher MOI, mishits fly straighter, and your putter becomes more forgiving when you hit away from the center of the head. Weight distribution is a key factor in the twisting during the swing. It all comes down to where the weight of the putter is located. For example, take your current club and swing it normally (outside is better to avoid breaking anything…). Now, just flip the putter and grab it by the head instead of the grip. Do you notice a difference in ease of swing? Of course, it’s just a question of weight location. When looking at the Moment of Inertia of a club, we’re just “playing with gravity” so to speak. Draw an imaginary line up through the center of any putter on the Y Axis, if you only have weight directly behind center mass, miss-hits on the toe or heel will drastically cause the face to spin open or closed resulting in a missed putt. However, if you can take that weighting and distribute it across the horizontal X Axis, then improper hits won’t cause the face to rotate as much, producing straighter more forgiving putts, that don’t lose a significant amount of ball speed. Take a club with a bigger head, it has a more important center of gravity with a larger perimeter weighting, leading to better balance and more consistency during the stroke. By increasing the weight in the right areas of the putter’s head, ARGOLF is capable of delivering precision on the greens for beginners and professionals!


At the intersection of art and industrial design, ARGOLF putters are conceived by uniting finesse, technological precision, balance and performance. The engineering that goes into the creation of putters such as the ARTHUR blade putter is exceptional. By combining expertise with sophisticated aeronautical technology, ARGOLF is able to precisely mill putters that deliver maximum comfort and effectiveness. In the case of the ARTHUR blade putter, it was conceived from a solid block of aeronautical-grade stainless steel 304L, which enabled an expansion of the heel and toe weighting to improve stability and consistency throughout the putting stroke. The design of this blade is essentially a “common design” that is packed with aeronautical-grade precision offering one of the highest Moment of Inertia on the market today.


Now that you have a better idea of what the Moment of Inertia means and how it can impact your putting stroke’s forgiveness, maybe it’s time to switch to an ARGOLF putter. Our experts at the ARGOLF Putting Lab, our fitting center in Jupiter, FL, can help you find the right putter and custom fit it to your needs. Improving your golfing experience starts with getting yourself the right equipment and giving yourself the chance to excel; first as a beginner and then as a professional. Have a look at our Broceliande Collection inspired from the legend of King Arthur. Each putter has a personality that will change your game on the greens.

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