LA Golf Shafts, the new “must-have”?

LA Golf Shafts, the new “must-have”?


Originally called Matrix Shafts, they became know as LA Golf Shafts when the company was bought out in March 2018. So, what happened exactly?

Matrix Shafts went through some financial difficulties and decided to close the shop. After that, LA Golf Partners, more commonly known as LA Golf Shafts, was created with the remains. When Reed Dickens started LA Golf Shafts he followed the same business model as he did when he started his bat company – giving out equity positions rather than checks, for a better interest in the company from the invested partners. His target partners: pro players who will be able to provide feedback on the performance of the shafts manufactured.


LA Golf Shafts are entirely made in the United States, meaning that material sourcing, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing is happening locally. In addition to being a local US brand, LA Golf Shafts are all about authenticity. The company believes in the idea that consumers should know exactly what it is they are buying. No funky names or paint schemes made to fool the golfer into thinking they are buying the exact same model as the pro when they are not. The idea here is to sell to the experienced golfer a shaft that is actually used by the pros. Yes, the exact same one! If you want the same equipment as Bryson DeChambeau or Rickie Fowler it’s definitely possible.


More specifically, the TPZ putter shaft. ARGOLF currently offers four putters equipped with LAGP putter shafts: ARTHUR, ARTHUR Arm Lock, ARTHUR Dark Edition, and ARTHUR Arm Lock Dark Edition. Both regular putters are equipped with LA Golf TPZ one35 shafts and both arm lock putters are equipped with LA Golf TPZ one80 shafts.
The one35 and one80 stands for 135 grams and 180 grams. Both shafts are meant to be combined with heavier putter heads, which is why ARGOLF has equipped the ARTHUR blade putter as its head weight is 370 grams (pretty heavy for a blade putter if you ask us). A heavier putter head means more stability and consistency, and ARTHUR is a legend on the greens when it comes to these two attributes. Generally, heavier shafts go on Arm Lock putters for even better control of the ball during the stroke. For this reason, ARGOLF has fitted the TPZ one35 on the regular ARTHUR blade putter and the TPZ one80 on the ARTHUR Arm Lock. Of course, both of these high-end putters are available in ARGOLF’s Dark Edition.

As mentioned by many, the LA Golf TPZ putter shaft is the epitome of stability. LAGP created an extremely stiff, low torque shaft that prevents any flexional or torsional movement of the putter’s head. To offset the harsh, negative vibrations of a shaft this rigid, LA Golf incorporated constrained layer damping technology and zylon fibers which make it feel like butter. With such technology, players are able to feel the club’s face like never before, offering immediate feedback which leads to better distance control and ensures the ball keeps its intended course. LA Golf shafts also produce extremely consistent ball launch conditions which is crucial in a putter fitting & its overall performance.

The TPZ shaft is meant to replace a straight shaft with no bends, it has a 0.370 tip and is engineered to fit a plumber’s neck hosel. LAGP stayed ahead of the game while manufacturing this shaft, as they left plenty of material in the tip to give the possibility of sanding it down to 0.355. It is thanks to such an opportunity that ARGOLF was able to fit this gem of a shaft onto the legendary king of the greens.


That’s up for you to decide. One thing is sure, ARGOLF offers a fitting experience like no other and will help you get settled with your new putter when the choice is made. Book a fitting today to experience the difference with our Quintic High-Speed Camera. It’s time to truly see the performance of ARGOLF and LA Golf Shafts uniting forces.

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